I like meetings because I think that’s where the decisions are born (not always made). Meetings, good meetings, are spaces to consider inputs, process them collectively and provide outputs.

The work is done outside of meetings. I get it. Many can’t stand meetings. They seem to be pointless or a waste of time and often they are.

But meetings bring together the best minds on a given topic, goal, client, project and it’s a space to make sure everyone is on the same page, discuss issues and make plans for going forward. I think meetings are the crux point where strategy meets design. They are places where the grit comes to light. They are spaces where culture is shifted.

There are all sorts of articles on rules for meetings. Just Google it But here are a few simple guidelines to consider:

  1. Start on time. End on time.
  2. Have a clear agenda and more importantly what is the goal of this meeting. Everyone should come prepared and prepared to work.
  3. Speaking of everyone, only invite those that will further the agenda and help accomplish the goal.
  4. Assign responsibilities and timelines for action items that come out of the meeting.
  5. Respect one another.
  6. Lastly, DON'T HAVE A MEETING ABOUT A MEETING! If you do, something's broken.

A meeting can make or break your day.

So despite all of that, I have back to back meetings all day and all I want to do is put on my headphones, drink copious amounts of coffee and write and design and do.

Have a good day and make the most of your meetings!