Learning. Read these.

I’m learning quite a bit as a result of this job search. I’ve read a multitude of blogs, articles and websites. Thought I’d share a few of the articles and blogs that have stuck with me.

Individuals and firms:

There is a thoughtful creative at the brilliant Seattle agency Teague. Tad Toulis is a smart and compelling writer, putting thoughts and ideas out there that are refreshing and challenging. You can start here at the Core77 blog

Mark Szabo is one of those rare creatives who didn’t start in art school. He is a managing partner at a Canadian agency called Karo. He’s tackling his Ph.D. in design thinking. Start here: Karo’s blog

Kara Pecknold is “designing beyond the borders." Her work has drive and purpose and she writes some very poignant posts. I am challenged by her larger perspective and vision. She is a great resource for new designers and design educators. Start here.

I had the privilege of meeting a few of the good people at Viget. If you haven’t heard of them, now you have. They are a digital agency with offices in DC, Raleigh and Boulder. They are making waves not only in the solutions they are producing but in the firm they are building and the practical content they are contributing. There is a lot to read here, but start with "The 7 P’s of Web projects"


UX design is a force to be reckoned with. There are boocoos of content from all different perspectives and industries, but here is a start with UX Magazine’s article on shared vision. Dive into the rest of blog when you’re done.

Design needs critical thinking. Read this. I certainly agree.


The Great Discontent: Simply a wonderful way to bridge art and our world: interview the artists.

Monocle: a great publication/website “keeping an eye on the world"

There’s many many more, but before I get lost in the interwebs looking for the rest, I wanted to get this up. Happy reading.