A designer is full of wonder

When is the last time that something stopped you, made you pause, simply because you were awestruck.

This doesn’t have to be life changing, but when did you pause because you couldn’t help yourself?

Maybe it was a sunrise or a view, but more likely it may have been a glimpse of your daughter, a piece of art, a thought in a book, an idea that came to mind.

We live our lives at breakneck speed, we fill our own moments with other’s. I would suggest that we don’t have time to see the wonder in our life. I really don’t think we do.

Think about the time we have in our life that is our own. There is the time in the shower and on the john, there is the time in the car, or train or bike on the way to and from work. There is the errand we may have to run. There is the line at the coffee shop that we have to stand in. The time between getting in bed and falling asleep. The time at the dinner table. How much of that time is quiet and truly empty? How much of that time is spent being aware of what’s around you? If you’re like me, you may have filled it with checking email, or calling a friend or updating twitter or checking in on facebook. Even as I write this, a few of you may be wondering about the state of each of those accounts. We’ve given up our moments. Think about it. Try and live one day this week and reclaim your moments. Can you even imagine the time you’ll have to think.

The hope is that when we free up these moments we’ll reclaim the wonder in our lives. We’ll be able to see those and that around us. We’ll be awestruck by something that we normally miss.

Try it.