An idea: a design exchange program

I believe that we are at a beautiful place in the globalization of our world. We are far enough along that we are exposed to rich cultures, colors and traditions but not far enough that we’ve washed each other out to gray.

Because of this exposure, just the places that I want to travel to, see and experience has grown considerably in recent months even. Whether through social media, news or research, our access to information is incredible and provides a diversity to our own cultural landscape that is exciting.

Which brings me to an idea that I want to put out there. It needs some thought and some definition but the gist of it is this:

What would it look like to do a foreign exchange program, but instead of studies, it's a design project?

It may need to be done within the confines of education, but it could be so much more within the context of commerce. You would be paired with another entity internationally and the goal would be to create a designed piece or identity for each others clients.

There would certainly be cultural logistics, some of which would be the point, but it would provide a framework to look at globalization, cultural perceptions and branding in the largest sense of the word. It would force us to think outside our norms and ourselves. It would broaden our individual or even cultural assumptions about design and brand. At the very least it could help us anticipate what seems to be coming our way.

Thoughts? Ideas? Is this being done already?

I understand that international firms do this daily. This idea was more for those of us who operate normally on a national or regional level.