Business sense

Over the last ten plus years, running a design firm, called Bright Yellow Jacket, I fell in love with the business side of creativity—to steal a phase from Cameron Foote. I learned the hard way, the trial and error way, how to run a design firm. I picked up resources and tools along the way. I surrounded myself with people and partners that took me onward and upward. I also made some bad decisions and took some bruises in the process.

There is no right way to run a design firm, but there are some great ways.

I am not an expert, but I have learned much and I’m starting to think what I’ve learned could save other designpreneurs some time and money and help them avoid those bruises. It would cover challenges like project management, book keeping and billing best practices, hiring and firing, business development, business strategy, IT, office space, etc. Whether that’s ebooks or subscription content, or 1-on-1 consulting, or offsite/webinar training I’m not sure. That’s where you come into the picture.

As a design firm/studio owner would content like this be helpful? Have you recently started a design agency, or have you just transitioned from freelancing to putting out your shingle? Or maybe you’re considering doing so, but not sure yet? Or maybe you’ve been doing this for a while now, but the business side of the business just doesn’t come easy? Would you pay for this content? How much? What format appeals to you? I’m trying to get a pulse on the need.

So have at it. Post a comment or hit me up on twitter @oster_ph. Or just subscribe to the mailing list and we’ll ping you when we are further along.