Again! Again! Again!

If I swing my daughter around by her arms such that I get dizzy and she is filled with a thrill of centrifugal forces pulling her body out horizontally, there is always an immediate “Again! Again!”, as soon as I’m done. She delights in the fun each and every time and I believe might indefinitely.

There are activities and routines that I delight in over and over again. Right now I’m trying to figure out what exactly they are in my work so that I can pursue them even more. There’s a perfect quote from Robert Benson that says this best:

"I think the secret to being reasonably good at whatever it is that eventually calls you and draws you to it, whatever becomes your life’s work, is for you to be in love with the little things that it takes to do it. That you love to do those things over and over until you can do them every time that they need to be done, intuitively and gracefully and passionately. That there will be very few days when you win or lose based on some heroic effort that you muster up to save the day, but there will be lots of days when it is the little things that will make all the difference."The Game: One Man, Nine Innings, a Love Affair with Baseball by Robert Benson

What are the littlest things that give you joy in your work? Make sure your job lets you do them. That’s what I’m trying to do.